Secure Project Management with Branches

In project management and software development, branches are divergent paths within a codebase that enable parallel development and experimentation. With branches, teams can independently make changes, test features, and iterate without disrupting the main project.

In Theta one branch in addition to the main branch is currently permitted, allowing for focused development and collaboration. Users can edit particular components with their nodes within each branch, empowering teams to refine specific project elements. Theta also offers the ability to restore an overwritten main branch, ensuring data integrity.

While the current version of Theta allows for one branch, future versions will expand this capability to accommodate additional branches. Branches in Theta facilitate concurrent work, enhance flexibility, and promote efficient project management.

Key Features:

  • Parallel development and experimentation with one additional branch.
  • Independent editing of components and nodes.
  • Restore overwritten main branch for data integrity.
The current version of Theta allows for one additional branch, with plans to support multiple branches in future versions, further enhancing project management capabilities.
Component deletion in a branch does not affect the main branch, protecting main components from unwanted edits. This rule also applies to color styles and text styles. Color styles and text styles accept updates but do not accept deletion operations.