How can I consult support?#

  • GitHub Discussions: ideal for general questions, Q&A, assistance on using the product, discussions on best practices.
  • GitHub Issues: ideal for reporting bugs and problems while using Theta.
  • Email support: ideal for reporting problems with your personal projects.
  • Discord: ideal for sharing projects and portfolios with the community.

About Theta#

What is Theta.#

Theta is an open-source hosted tool that streamline the app development, management and testing process by enabling remote UI changes, without requiring app rebuilding or complex configurations.

Why use Theta?#

Designed to facilitate rapid UI design, Theta simplifies the creation of dynamic interfaces directly within app clients. Theta is not a code-free app builder. Instead, it allows developers to incorporate Theta into their existing workflows, ensuring seamless integration without compromising code quality. With Theta, you can design a responsive app bar and display it within a Flutter app in minutes.

How to use Theta?#

Learn in this video how to create a UI design in Theta and convey a seamless component within your code.

Can I register for Theta?#

Theta is currently in closed beta; you must have a personal invitation to gain access. If you are interested in trying it out, you can join the waitlist.

Open source#

Can I contribute?#

Sure, we are an open-source project and contributors are always welcome. To get started, please read CONTRIBUTING.md and PRIVACY.

Tech questions#

Is it good for mobile stores?#

Sure, our system is reportable to any store, however it should be used in moderation without abusing it. you can also use Theta on any platform supported by Flutter.

What platforms does Theta support?#

While Theta is a web app, usable from a browser, we offer an official integration for Flutter. This will allow you to use remote interfaces created at app.buildwiththeta.com directly inside your Flutter apps. Regarding compatibility, the Flutter package supports all platforms supported by Flutter (iOS, Android, Web, Desktop).

Is it safe to use Theta inside my app?#

Theta only cares about broadcasting remote and static UIs inside your app, with minimal configuration required. This allows you to bypass code push, which could instead seriously compromise apps already in production. As far as stores are concerned, it is safe to use Theta in moderation, without abusing complete UI changes.

Is it possible to use Theta to create an app?#

Theta is not an app builder, so it is not designed to be able to create an entire app from scratch. But instead it is designed to be used within the process of making an app, to facilitate the creation of responsive and responsive UIs and greatly simplify the process of updating the app.

Can I use more than one UIBox per page?#

Of course. The UIBox refers to a single component, without a background, that can be inserted inside a page together with other UIBoxes to create complex interfaces.

Can I decide the background color of a component inside Theta?#

No, components do not have a default background. However, you can insert one by adding a background container the size of the screen.