Developer's Guide - Build with Theta API


Base URL#

The Build with Theta API follows the principles of REST architecture. To ensure the security, integrity, and privacy of data, all API requests must be made using HTTPS. Please note that the Build with Theta API does not support HTTP.

The base URL for all requests is:


To authenticate your requests, you need to include an Authorization header. The header value should be in the format "Bearer Your_Anon_Key". Here's an example:

Authorization: Bearer Your_Anon_Key

Response Codes#

The Build with Theta API uses standard HTTP response codes to indicate the status of your requests.

  • 200: The request was successful.
  • 400: Invalid parameters. Please ensure that the provided parameters are correct.
  • 401: Anon Key missing. Please include the Anon Key in the Authorization header.
  • 403: Invalid Anon Key. Make sure the provided Anon Key is valid.
  • 404: The requested resource was not found.
  • 429: Rate limit exceeded.
  • 5xx: Indicates a server error within the Build with Theta API.

Rate Limit#

There is a rate limit of 10 calls per second on all APIs. If this limit is exceeded, a 429 response error code will be received.

To avoid this, it is advisable to decrease the request rate by implementing a queue mechanism or reducing the number of concurrent requests per second. In case you have specific needs, you can contact to request an increase in the rate limit.